We are proud to be leading the change in sustainable logistics by introducing EV pallet deliveries into Chester City Centre. As a local family business, founded and residing within the area, we are passionate to reduce emissions and make Chester a cleaner & greener city.


Farrall’s Group is a 3rd Generation Family Business, with over 65years of operating, all of which have been within the Chester and Cheshire Area. The company was founded by Edwin C Farrall in 1956in Mickle Trafford moving to Barrow in 1958 and then Church Road, Ashton Hayes in 1961. The expansion of the company then lead them across the village to Ashton Lane, Ashton Hayes, a Depot that is still part of the Farrall’s Group operation today. Since then Farrall’s Group have opened Depot’s in Deeside, now operating as Head office, and Sandycroft.

All three generations of the Farrall’s family were born in Ashton Hayes, meaning they have watched & played a part in the efforts to make Ashton Hayes the first Carbon Neutral village. The village’s effort have played a part in inspiring the Group’s aspiration to be a part of Chester & Cheshire West becoming Carbon neutral.


One of the most significant investments we are making in 2024 involves adding a DAF X vehicle to our fleet. This addition will be utilised for deliveries in & out of Chester City Centre, and will be powered by the green electric generated at our depot. We are excited to introduce this electric vehicle as the first of many in our fleet, demonstrating our strong commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. This strategic move underscores our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. The introduction of this cutting-edge electric HGV not only aligns with environmental goals but also demonstrates our readiness to embrace innovative technologies that will shape the future of logistics. By pioneering this transition, we aim to set a positive example within the industry and inspire others to follow suit.

The Truck:

The DAF XB is the model selected as our first electric vehicle. The model showcases cutting-edge technology the prioritises pedestrian safety. Equipped with 360- degree cameras and a dedicated pedestrian window, this model ensures safe driving within urban areas. It’s zero tail pipe and noise emissions make it a considerate choice for residents, while the cobalt- free battery ensures there are no unethically sourced components. 

The Energy Source:

In December 2023, we installed 1400 solar panels on one side of our warehouse roof at our Deeside Depot. These state-of-the-art panels
will harness the power of the sun to generate clean, green electricity. With a surplus of over 310,000 kWh, we will be able to power our depot efficiently and sustainably. Furthermore, this initiative opens up the possibility of fitting the second half of the roof with solar panels in the future, further enhancing our commitment to renewable energy.

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