Benefits of partnering with Farrall’s Group:

Here at Farrall’s Group we understand that choosing the right haulier is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the efficiency and success of your transportation and logistics operations.

Here are some key factors that make Farrall’s Group a preferred choice for our customers:

  1. Experience and Expertise: Farrall’s Group are a well-established transport company with a long history in the logistics industry dating back to 1956. With decades of experience, we have honed our expertise in various transportation and logistics services, making Farrall’s Group capable of handling diverse customer needs.
  2. Wide Range of Services: Farrall’s Group offers a comprehensive range of services, including road transport, warehousing, distribution, pallet delivery, and supply chain management. This extensive service offering allows customers to access multiple solutions from a single provider, simplifying their logistics operations & saving costs. Farrall’s Group has the ability to help streamline operations, reduce overheads, and provide economies of scale, resulting in overall cost efficiencies. Here at Farrall’s Group we can also offer deliveries 24 hours, 7 days a week, meaning our deliveries can be anytime, anywhere, any day. Furthermore, these deliveries can be booked to be time specific, and we can liaise with the delivery point on your behalf.
  3. BRC Accredited: Farrall’s Groups’ BRC accreditation approves that our warehousing & distribution services adhere to strict standards of food safety and quality. The BRC provides a framework for consistent processes, procedures, and best practices across the organisation. This leads to better standardisation of operations and facilitates continuous improvement. They encourage badge holders to identify and manage potential hazards, reducing the risk of contamination or other safety issues in the products, which should improve operational efficiency and reduce risk of recalls or product issues leading to cost saving in the long run. For businesses dealing with food products, this accreditation provides peace of mind and confidence in the safety of their goods.
  4. FORS Accredited: Farrall’s Groups’ FORS accreditation demonstrates a commitment to best practices, safety, and environmental sustainability. FORS encourages continuous professional development for drivers and staff, helping to enhance their skills and knowledge, which can contribute to better operational efficiency. Many sites now require a FORS certification for access, with Farrall’s Group you have peace of mind we can complete the delivery.
  5. Modern Fleet and Technology: Farrall’s Group maintains a modern fleet of vehicles of over 80 vehicles equipped with the latest technology. With a focus on constant investment of adding or replacing tractor units and trailers with the latest innovations, Farrall’s Group now has a varied fleet, meaning we can tailor to your requirements. With a trailer range including High Cube, Euro Liner, Long Semi-Trailers and Moffet Trailers, Farrall’s Group sets itself apart with their flexibility for carrying different freights. Alongside investment into the vehicles, Farrall’s Group is committed to investing in the latest technology, ensuring they can optimise their operations and increase their efficiency including Live Tracking Facilities, allowing customers to monitor their deliveries. We can also provide customers with live KPI’s and SLA performance metrics.
  6. Part of the Palletforce Network: Being a part of a pallet network allows Farrall’s Group to offer extended flexibility to those customers with part load requirements, including same day collections. There is an online portal the customer has full access to, with Live Tracking and even pallet selfies taken throughout the freights’ journey. This network allows complete coverage for deliveries anywhere in the UK, IRE and EU.
  7. Transport Connectivity: Farrall’s Groups’ Head Office is located in Deeside, Chester which is well-connected to major road networks, including the M56 motorway and the A55 dual carriageway. This allows for easy access to other key regions including Liverpool, Manchester and the wider North West of England as well as North Wales and freight being transported via Holyhead port. The areas surrounding our Deeside Depot hosts a significant number of manufacturing and industrial facilities.


In conclusion, our extensive experience, diverse service offerings, commitment to customer satisfaction, adherence to quality standards, and investment in technology makes Farrall’s a compelling choice for businesses seeking a reliable and efficient haulier.

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