As Farrall’s Group looks ahead to a new year it is with great pleasure to announce that as of the 1st January 2022, Paul Mather has been promoted to Commercial Director for Farrall’s Group.

Paul has dedicated over 20 years to the business, working his way through the ranks and is now a strong figurehead within Farrall’s Group. He brings to the role a wealth of knowledge which will not only benefit Farrall’s Group but also our customers as we continue to work together and navigate a year which I’m sure will bring many new challenges much like the last. 

This is a major stepping stone for Farrall’s Group as we begin expanding our board of directors. Paul will be a great asset to the board ensuring stability, security and sustainability for the furture of Farrall’s Group. As well as continuing to grow and strengthen our relationships with our customers and advance the levels of service we provide guaranteeing our family business ethos is delivered through-out, so our customers always have peace of mind.